Balcony Home

Tryouts on living in the city: Four possible homes


Final Thesis Project, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design
Instructors: Prof. Zvi Efrat, Deborah Pinto Fdeda,
Ifat Finkelman

Awards: Winner of Archiprix International Hunter Douglas Awards, 2019
Winner of HOME Competition 2018, Adaptablity award
Finalist at the Azrieli Foundation Prize

Together with Stav Dror

When a single square meter of floor in the city costs over 10,000$, it better be one incredible floor. If its section allow for a wide range of events and modes of living, perhaps the common yearning for the square meter could be replaced with the yearning fo smarter infrastructure. The balcony Home restructures the home as a platform, it is the common space for public and private actions - work, study, leisure, entertainment, and consumption. As water and electrical outlets are no longer program-dependent, the home is liberated from its basic spatial unit - the room, rendering the distinction between private and public, dirty and clean, hidden and visible, and wet and dry obsolete. The structure transforms into a utilized extension of the city, as the floor becomes the most dominant element allowing for countless variations of a home.

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