Ethiopian Satellite Preschools Competition,
open competition

Together with Barak Mizrahi

The proposed scheme for Abbay Kamisa organization is a flexible an expandable structure, in which the corridor is used as a typology and a device that structures an enclosed courtyard. With the arrangement of the different needed programs around one corridor it becomes a place for diverse and sometimes unplanned social encounters; It is the place where parents wil spontaneously meet, sisters will share a short break from class and neighbors from nearby villages will get to know each other.

Each wing of the corridor is articulated differently. On its outer side, an array of small gardens allows indoor activity and formal classes to spread out while after school hours, the small gardens become an out-of-sight extension of the courtyard and a place for play.
A layout of doors and openings encourage interpretation of use
and unplanned play to take place. To allow maximum flexibility the corridor is the first element to be built on site, once built,
the corridor will serve as a structural skeleton for future expansion, this will make the act of corridoring a main architectural theme and a structural gesture.

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