The thirty-six steps


Monte d’Oiro Wine Tasting Room competition, open competition


Step number one touches the field, it is the first built element.
Step number nineteen is an enlarged pedestal, it is a place for a rest under the tree.
Step number thirty-six is an outdoor gathering place and a viewing point.
The staircase ends with a room.

As the factory of everyday wine producing and the tourism destination are set on one site, Monte d’Oiro winery is in fact a site of conflict. Labor and leisure take place simultaneously and render a fundamental spatial condition. The planned extension suggests to experience the vineyard in two ways – viewing the field and walking the field. It was designed as one large staircase with a room at the end, allowing the wine tasting to begin at the table and spread to the field. Instead of a formal ‘dinner table’ like occasion, the wine tasting is suggested as a loose social gathering in which the vineyard owner is the host while the visitor is free to taste wine, view the landscape and walk the fields.

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