Remember that time in the valley?


Vale De Moses Meditation Cabins, open competition


The visit to vale de Moses was imagined as a place where guests can experience introspection and immersion in nature while practicing a withdrawal from normal activities and duties. Once these are not on the daily agenda one becomes very aware  of landscape and of light. The designed cabins use the landscape as a infrastructure, located on existing gravel paths, facing west, framing the valley views and taking advantage of west winds and afternoon sun. Two main materials - stone and wood where chosen to manifest two opposing themes - fixed and temporary. The stone wall was used as a borrowed local technique to structure a fixed volume while a system of evenly partitioned wooden louvers enable several ways of opening the cabins facade. The envelope acts as an aperture, adjusting the visitors exposure to the surrounding landscape views, winds and sun while manifesting the cabins constantly changing appearance as a small event.

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