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Domesticity is all around

Tryouts on living in the city: Four possible homes


Thesis Project, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design
Instructors: Prof. Zvi Efrat, Deborah Pinto Fdeda, Ifat Finkelman

Awards: Winner of Archiprix International Hunter Douglas Awards, 2019
Winner of HOME Competition 2018, Adaptablity award
Finalist at the Azrieli Foundation Prize
Together with Stav Dror

A documentary plan of an existing garden in the city. when constant movement in the city is an act of domesticity,
it is the outside that stays familiar.

"A network has no outside. It is not a foreground over a background, nor a crack onto a solid soil (...) we are no longer obliged to fill in the space in between the connections (...) A network is a positive notion which does not need negativity to be understood. It has no shadow"

Bruno Latour, 1996, Actor-Network

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