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Own nothing - share everything

Tryouts on living in the city: Four possible homes


Thesis Project, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design
Instructors: Prof. Zvi Efrat, Deborah Pinto Fdeda, Ifat Finkelman

Awards: Winner of Archiprix International Hunter Douglas Awards, 2019
Winner of HOME Competition 2018, Adaptablity award
Finalist at the Azrieli Foundation Prize
Together with Stav Dror

A documentary plan of an existing houshold in the city - a collective household with an existing social, economical and material structure maintains the tension between a lack of commitment and the possibility of leaving at any moment.

“Small scale / large scale: the notion of network allows us to dissolve the micro- macro- distinction that has plagued social theory from its inception. The whole metaphor of scales (...) is
replaced by a metaphor of connections.”

Bruno Latour, 1996, Actor-Network

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